Commercial Snow Removal

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    Command Construction

    Commercial Snow Removal

    Command Construction’s newest addition to the scope of work we provide is our Snow Removal Division, which has been operational since 2005. We work on a contract basis to provide services for commercial snow removal in Kelowna and nearby areas to clear snow and seasonal debris from shopping malls, residential complexes, and other major public areas. Contact us for a free assessment today.

    Commercial Snow Removal in Kelowna

    At Command Construction, we know that it’s essential to provide a safe environment for both your staff and customers. We help ensure your business offers the safest possible conditions and keep your sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots cleared of snow during the winter months. In addition to our commercial snow removal services, we can also create a winter risk management plan to assess the risks to your property during the winter and help prevent any potential issues or accidents.

    Our Commercial Snow Removal Services

    Our expert team has direct access to any necessary equipment to help clear snow even after the heaviest of storms. We utilize commercial-grade snowplows as well as other heavy equipment for snow plowing, removal, hauling, and relocation.

    Command Construction is on hand whenever a snow event occurs, whether it’s just a few inches or blizzard-like conditions. We are available to help you manage any property risks related to snow and ice, while also helping you identify where potential problems might occur. In addition to snow removal, we also offer salting and de-icing services so that the heavily traveled areas at your business remain as safe as possible.

    If your property doesn’t have enough room for a heavy snowfall to be plowed and stored as it melts, we can help you plan ahead of time to avoid any issues that may impact parking or access to your business.


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